Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reads for April

A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin Pages: 1128 Grade: A+
A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin Pages: 978 Grade: A+
The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen Pages: 276 Grade: A+
Grimspace by Ann Aguirre Pages: 312 Grade: A (Review)
Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Pages: 93 Grade: A-
Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole Pages: 368 Grade: B
The Metamorphoses by Franz Kafka Pages: 34 Grade: B
Zaabalawi by Naguib Mahfouz Pages: 13 Grade: B
Swallowing Darkness by Laurell K. Hamilton Pages: 365 Grade: C

Total pages read for April: 3567

There are a couple of new authors I found in the list that I really enjoyed: Ann Aguirre and Sarah Addison Allen. They are both great writers and I will be reading more books by them.

The last 3 I had to read for a class this past month, but I did enjoy them.

The Song of Ice and Fire series is great and magnificently huge! I finished that up this month and I am eagerly awaiting the 5th book of the series by George R.R. Martin, though no one even knows when it will be finished, not even Mr. Martin at the moment.

I hope to get more reading done this month. Summer classes will start on May 11th so I may be held back on how much I can read this summer since I will have to cram 15 weeks worth of work in to 10 and 5 weeks periods for 2 classes. That means lots of reading and work. Nevermind how much writing I will have to do as well for one of my classes.

I will be posting some more reviews on a couple of books I've read on this list. Swallowing Darkness and The Sugar Queen will be reviewed for sure.

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