Sunday, April 19, 2009

So Much for the Read-a-thon

Due to real life, like adopting a new dog, I wasn't able to participate in the Read-a-thon. Disappointing, yes, since I got a bunch of books from the library and my TBR list doesn't have even a tiny dent in it.

If anyone would like to know, my new dog is adjusting well with my other dog. They are both chihuahua mixes and cuties! We took them to the doggy park yesterday and had in incident where they both rolled around in stuff they shouldn't have because someone didn't pick up their dog's mess. That meant we had to go home and get baths. Washing two dogs who want to remain stinky and filthy in a small bathroom can be tiring. Oh then there is the running around the house trying to dry them off while they bounce off of every single piece of furniture they can reach.

By the time that was done, hubby and I watched The Wrestler, which was really good. After that, we had dinner and hubby was off to his part time job. I tried to read, truly I did. I had started reading Grimspace by Ann Aguirre on Friday afternoon and I had wanted to continue. I started to read and then promptly fell asleep with two very clean dogs cuddled up to next to me.

So that's my lame-o excuse for not doing the Read-a-thon. I hope every one who did participate in some capacity had a lot of fun!

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